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Planning to enter into the partnership? This will surely help you to grow, but at the same time you must not forget to draft a fit for purpose contract to specify everything about your partnership in such a way that all the partners clearly and fully understand all the obligations and benefits which flow from this partnership. We consult with you and gather information with regard to your specific partnership and its unique characteristics and we assimilate all information in relation to what all the partners obligations and potential benefits are which they wish to be reflected in the contract. We draft a customised (bespoke) agreement (contract) is specifically cater for your particular partnership. We advise you about all the possible pitfalls in relation to partnerships and how to conduct a due diligence to make sure that the partnership is guaranteed to be fruitful without falling foul of the usual pitfalls in relation to partnerships. After all a partnership is a bit like a marriage that you don't necessarily love your partner and for this reason it is extremely important to make sure that all the potential outcomes in relation to the partnership have been foreseen and catered for in advance.

If you are considering starting up a business by having one or two or many partners, a partnership agreement is essential. It will stipulate certain terms and conditions including precognizing the partners of procedures for handling important business discussions and disputes. Our Business Partnership Agreement will protect the partners and if it comes to an end, everybody gets what they deserve without losing anything.

Why the Partnership Agreement Is Important?

Even if you are planning to start a business with your closest friends or family or already running a business with them, a Business partnership contract is important. It will help to create pre-agreed upon rules that you can rely on in times of friction, especially when a business expands or if any partner is seeking to exit the partnership. Such decisions being made are complex and this is where the partnership agreement can guide you through this process.

Partnership agreement drafted by us on the following grounds-

We cover most of the aspects at the time of drafting a business agreement for our clients as follows-

-Purpose of the partnership

-Name of the business

-The rights, responsibilities and obligations of the partners

-The investment of each partner or what else they are contributing to the partnership

-Profit and loss distribution

-On what circumstances the partnership will be terminated and the procedure for terminating or dissolving the partnership

-How decisions will be made and many others

Our team is here to help you with drafting an authentic and sound partnership agreement suited to your partnership’s needs. Even, you can plan for negotiating your partnership agreement by adding what you want. We will guide you every step of your way as well as reviewing and amending an existing partnership agreement. Should you require any advice at any time, we will be there for you, especially on conflicts that arise or with regard to the mitigation of any risks.

We have extensive experience in drafting, reviewing, and advising on partnership agreements. If you have any queries, please contact us today!

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