Commercial lease agreement


Commercial lease agreement



Experienced Commercial Lease Agreement Lawyers At Your Service

Our team of commercial contract drafters or up-to-date with all aspects of commercial lease agreements. Especially in the current circumstances such as pandemics and related negative economic circumstances, it is absolutely essential to make sure that whether you are the landlord and tenant, your lease protects you from unnecessary prejudice, legal or financial point of view and ensures that you are not at risk.

Assist with the negotiation the other party as it often occurs that you are required to negotiate terms with your landlord for examples ensure that you are not compromised you financially.

Having a well-drafted lease for your retail or commercial premises is vital for your business, and we are sufficiently experienced and competent to assist you with drafting a clear and effective commercial lease that can be the difference between success and failure.

As you are going to lock into a commercial lease agreement for a number of years, we will help you to get the terms of your lease right.

Why Us?

Proprietor of Contractpro has 30 year's experiencein dealing with all types of  commercialleases in the Republic of  South Africa. We understand the importance of having a retail and commercial lease agreement that effectively manages the relationship between the lessor and lessee. Because we are specialized in the same industry, hence our lease lawyers know exactly what to offer you and ensure how a commercial lease will give you both the protection and freedom you need to earn a profit.

We have, and continue to, act for numerous commercial landlords and tenants in commercial and retail leasing disputes. Our work in the field has made us familiar with all possible future risks that you need to be protected from in commercial, industrial, and retail leases. No matter who you are, whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we can assist you with Commercial lease agreements.

We are able to draft a commercial lease from scratch; negotiate new lease; assist you with motivating for amendment of certain clauses in the lease; assist you with resolving possible disputes that might occur subsequent to the lease having been signed. 

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