Confidentiality agreement


Confidentiality agreement



Need a confidentiality agreement in South Africa? We are your contract review and drafting specialists who can help in drafting any kind of agreement as you want. We’ve assisted many large and small businesses with protecting their valuable confidential information from outside sources.

In case you are planning to capitalize on your idea, you’re going to have to share it at some point. This is where a non-disclosure agreement or confidentiality agreement enters, which is very useful. This is a great way to share your sensitive information while protecting your ideas and future work plan.

How Important Confidentiality Agreement Is?

Confidentiality agreements are important as they are the legal contracts that prevent the disclosure of any sensitive information to third parties. Confidentiality agreements are especially used at the time of the resolution of a legal dispute and prevent the disclosure of the terms of the settlement. This agreement is done between the parties and do not require any registration. They are only used to protect confidential information, working methodologies, and trade secrets. Unlike patents, NDAs can last indefinitely and very effective.

We have examples of different brands that have been kept secret for well over 100 years, which is only possible because of NDA. A good NDA will mention why you are sharing confidential information without specifying the confidential information itself.

We are here to help you with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or Confidentiality Agreements to safeguard your business’s confidential information. These agreements can be either unilateral or multilateral and will specify A-Z terms and conditions under which the parties can share information.

We make sure to cover all major points you have on your mind that are commonly needed when businesses want to protect new technologies or prevent employees or partners from disclosing a business’s IP or trade secrets. Our experts will ensure to help you with covering all financials information to the technology, data, product specifications, tools, and systems, or anything you value in your NDA or Confidentiality Agreement. We are proud to advise and represent numerous businesses across South Africa, regarding their NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements.

If you need a professional contract drafting service to advise you on a Confidentiality Agreement/Non-Disclosure Agreement, get in touch with Contract Pro today!

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