Consulting services agreement


Consulting services agreement



Want to grow & scale your business fast? You will need our professional services to guide you every step of your way. Look no further if seeking any contract or agreement help as we are here 24/7 at your service. At Contract Pro, we work with consulting firms to deliver great solutions that provide long term protection, profit, growth, and balance.

Our consultancy agreements are between companies or individuals and consultants, contracting for the professional services of the consultant. If you don’t want to get in trouble with the false allegations or anything related to the same raised at your client end, our agreement will give you 24/7 protection. Consulting services agreement aims to set out terms of the arrangement including payment, confidentiality of services, liability, intellectual property, restraint of trade and dispute resolution. Seeking our advice before entering into a Consultancy Agreement will ensure that the terms of the employment arrangement adequately protect their interest.

What’s in our Consulting Service Agreement?

Our service agreement will be in between a company and a service provider where the company or individual pays for receiving services. We will clearly and comprehensively stipulate the services, details about payments, reciprocal obligations, and other important protections and limitations specific to the services. Also, our service contract will be tailored to your needs so that you can get what you want and stay protected. As service agreements are important for all businesses who want to solidify their business deals and we promise to secure your revenue streams and protect your liability. Also, our service agreement will ensure that you are supplied with the right services at the right time.

We will also mention the duration of the agreement. It will include, whether a particular project will be completed over a certain timeframe or will the consultant provide an ongoing service. The specific services and project outcomes that the consultancy firm will deliver,fees, how and when the consultant will be paidwill also be included in the contract.

Engaging consultants or your clients can be relatively straightforward if you have a suitable consultancy agreement.

Beware of using templates or contracts "borrowed" from the web.

Rather get us to advize you properly and let us draft a professional contract catering for all exigencies specific to your needs.

Got a Contract Question? Send us the contract with your questions or call us directly to meet your requirements. We will provide you the right solution along with a fixed price quote to answer your questions, or to provide a general review of the contract.

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