Mail us details of the contract required. Remember to include details of the contract, any special clauses you want in your own words. Within 1 hour: If we have insufficient detail we will send you a mail asking a few questions.If we have sufficient detail, step 3 applies. Within 1 hour We send you a mail with a quote and our banking details.

Email proof of payment /fax to 086 621 0682, and within 24 working hours we mail your custom drawn contract to you; (note, if the contract is more complex and requires more time, we will specify when we send you a quote.)

Tip: If you require a quick response and a favourable price: Supply Purchase price


Scan and mail contract/or fax to 086 621 0682 with your questions
We will quote you for giving the advice and send you our banking details within 1 hour.
Within 24 working hours, unless longer time specified on the quote, of receiving proof of payment, we will mail you the advice.


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