It is essential for a start-up business to have a good foundation. Whenever it is required for you to enter into a transaction, it is essential for you to have all standard contractual documentation which you have been requested by a larger company to sign scrutinised and it is essential for you to take advice from an experienced professional and ensure that all founding contractual documentation is drafted for you in a clear, precise manner and in such a way that includes any possible future eventualities which would have the potential to create a problem or dispute.
It is important not to take shortcuts when setting up this documentation.
We also provide advice with respect to the wording of websites and any of the possible implications thereof.
We assist clients with business plans and advise them objectively to ensure that their comprehensive business strategy is in place and is viable. We make recommendations with respect to amending certain business concepts in order to enhance the viability of the business.
It is essential to get objective advice with regard to the various potential business partners requisite inputs with regard to money; intellectual property; physical work required versus any benefits which they can expect from the business. It is incredibly important for all parties to have a very clear understanding at the outset as to what their requisite inputs are versus expected financial benefits.
It is also very important for everyone to understand who is in charge and who is responsible for leadership and other crucial roles in the business.


• Labour contracts
• Distribution agreements for Republic of South Africa and throughout Africa and the Middle East
• Joint ventures
• Shareholders agreements
• Limited purpose joint ventures
• Sale of shares
• Sale of companies
• Tender related contracts
• Partnership
• Business plans
• Applications for credit
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