Franchise agreement


Franchise agreement



Are you planning to commence business with a reputable franchise? This can help you to get succeed, but only purchasing or "borrowing" a template agreement franchise won’t be sufficient for satisfactory. Sou must look for a valid agreement that can help you today and in the future.

Franchise agreements are very complex and require someone with a very clear understanding of the law and commercial insurgencies in relation to the business model to draft a contract which specifically said on the business model and caters for all your needs. This is where we are able to professionally assist you.

If you’re a business owner in South Africa who is looking to expand your business by distributing a franchise (franchisor) or you are a prospective buyer of a franchise outlet (franchisee), you must look for a proper agreement to protect your rights. We can assist you with this process and develop a valid contract as per your requirements, doing the necessary background research, and drafting all required legal documents - franchise agreements, contracts, operations manuals and more. If you are with us, we will be providing you expert legal advice so you can make informed business decisions will never ditch you in the future.

What is franchising?

Franchising is a promising and most-popular term that is making rapid strides in the country. Here, the franchisor gives the right, and the franchisee purchases the right. A Franchisor will assist the franchisee in managing things, marketing, and offer guidance to start up the business. Additionally, franchises offer the independence of small business ownership supported by the big business network, where you don’t require any business experience to run a franchise. Franchisors usually provide the training you need to operate their business model and this is how it runs.

Why us for Franchise agreement?

We understand your busy schedule and the heavy workload that comes with running your business. So much time is spent in marketing, managing employees, and maintaining effective accounting practices that there is NO time left to focus on legal aspects. This is where our expert team can make a valuable contribution to your business.

Our expert team will let you know about the franchising laws and agreements and can help you to make sensible, prudent and informed decisions, minimising any potential risk financially or legally. To achieve the target of growing your business strategically, it is only possible with appropriate advice and an expertly crafted agreement or agreements.

Connect with us today to take care of all the documentation and related paperwork, required to franchise your business. We spend a great deal of time reviewing existing contractual documentation and are able to advise you with regard to any possible amendments that you might need to make to your existing contracts.

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