Joint venture agreement


Joint venture agreement



Get your custom joint venture agreement today!

We can advise you on all aspects of joint venture agreements and related contracts along with other contracts to ensure your joint venture succeeds with the best possible legal protections. We consult with you simulate information if you understand your business model and advise you with regard to the clauses to be included after having received your input. The draft a custom joint venture agreement for the specific purpose you require it for catering for your unique business model.

Why Are Joint Venture Agreements Necessary?

 A Joint Venture Agreement is necessary as it allows two or more parties to enter into a legally binding business contract. Instead of creating a formal partnership or new legal entity, both parties have an equal stake in the venture, and will both reap the benefits. In other term, it is a legal relationship between two or more parties, who agree to undertake some enterprise for a profit, but where their individual identities as separate parties remain. In the joint venture, each party will bring to the arrangement of their own specific skills, finance, talents, resources, and facilities.

The topics include in a joint venture agreement

-The parties involved

-Information about what each party is going to contribute, including money or skill

-Who owns intellectual property

-Profit and loss distribution ratio

-the scope of the joint-venture


-How termination will occur

Our experienced team is able to draft a joint venture agreement will help all stakeholders/partners to ensure that they all understand the rights and obligations and that all contingencies and exigencies are catered for including dissolution termination etc and protection of all the stakeholders rights.

Generally the following processes involved:

-we assimilate necessary information in order to understand the scope and nature of the joint-venture and the respective business models and other related information

-we ask you to describe, in your own words, any specific terms you might want to include in the agreement and

-Prepare a first draft document for your consideration

-the document normally goes back and forth between all stakeholders until the parties are happy with its content

If you want to secure your Joint Venture with an expertly drafted joint venture agreement, call us today!

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