Non disclosure agreement


Non disclosure agreement



Are you considering a non-disclosure or confidential agreement as a way to keep both the parties each other's secrets? We can help by drafting a custom agreement that protects your company's confidential information from being stolen and unlawfully distributed. It is important to ensure that the NDA is specifically drafted for the purpose you require it for. A standard NDA is generally useless. A generally useless. A well drafted agreement catering for your particular circumstances is a highly effective for protecting your intellectual property and confidential information.

As you have worked hard a lot to make your company successful, what if someone else steals all your information and uses to make his own product with your concept? We are able toprovide you with the necessary advice on how to protect your information from being. Before entering into an NDA with a party, we will cover all important points or set the rules on the receiver to make sure that they are unlikely to breach your agreement.

What is a non-disclosure agreement?

A non-disclosure agreementprotects any confidential information that is disclosed between parties,  so that none of this confidential information will be used for any reason, except those that are specified in the agreement. There are two different types of non-disclosure agreements-

-An agreement in which just one party is disclosing confidential information or one-way non-disclosure agreement.

-Mutual non-disclosure agreement, where both the parties are disclosing confidential information, commonly used in situations where either or both parties want to protect certain information.

Our non-disclosure agreement includes

We make sure to give your business high-level protection and for that, we cover most of the points which we feel are necessary for your business. No matter whether it's a mutual or a one-sided agreement, our agreement will include the following points to make sure confidential information is safeguarded.

-The parties’ roles and contributions in the business

-A description of the confidential information the agreement refers to

-What are the sensitive and disclosed confidential information can and cannot be used for

-Names of those who are permitted to know the confidential information

-Terms and conditions for ending the agreement

-Conditions if there is a breach of confidentiality

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