Franchise Agreement
March 4, 2021
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Distribution Agreement


Distribution agreement.


Do you have a business that utilises consultants to distribute your products throughout the Republic of South Africa. This is a standard template which would assist you to make your own distribution agreement. Should you require a more complex agreement we suggest you contact us for the purpose of drafting the perfect distribution agreement to ensure that all your bases are covered and that the distributor cannot take you for a ride.

Should you require an international distribution agreement, it is not possible to provide you with a template because these are very complex and they depend on the legislation of each country. At Contractpro we have drafted international distribution agreements and catered for the legislation of each country to which the products are being distributed to. Many countries, especially in the Middle East have a Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) and each country has specific laws dealing with how distribution must take place in that particular country. International distribution agreements need to cater for the special laws of each country which often involve setting up a company in each country for the purpose of handling the distribution and the quality assurance and related import logistics.

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