Software development contract


Software development contract



Are you a software development company and need help to safeguard your business and the work you do? We understand the challenges you face in business, thus we are here at your service. Our approach is practical and down-to-earth. We assimilate detailed information to gain an understanding of your business to assist you with drafting the agreement that will be specifically suited to your enterprise.

Whether you are looking for a contract or agreement for your software development company or as a contractor or subcontractor or large small customer, we have the necessary know-how to provide you with the correct professional advice with regard to protecting your interests contractually. The owner of Contractpro specifically enjoys working in the software development and IT infrastructure space and has many years experience,  and spends a great deal of time drafting complex IT related agreements. Through working with technology and software development clients over many years we have gained vast experience drafting and negotiating a wide range of technology contracts. We understand the commercial, technical and legal issues that matter most to our clients and we make sure to help you with our great moves. The contract pertains to service levels, reseller agreements, IT infrastructure technology agreements, memorandums of understanding, commercial agreements, restraints of trade, confidentiality agreements, protection of intellectual property, we have the necessary skills to advise you regard to drafting the best possible contract for your enterprise.

Why is it important to have a Software Development Agreement?

A software development contract is important if you are creating your app, website, or software, it ensures for what you’re paying for will be yours. In the contract, the scope of services is clear and best to provide great protection for your intellectual property.

We know how to draft agreements that will protect your interests within the industry and make sure to include A-Z parameters. We are also available at your service with free legal advice and prepare fixed price and fully customized short or long-form agreements on an urgent basis.

Why us?

We have significant experience in drafting and negotiating software to legal agreements and resolving complex IT disputes. We are proud to work with various startups, small to medium enterprises, multi-national corporations, and government agencies are happy with our services. We can easily prepare any kind of agreements, including-

-App Development Agreements

-Custom Software Development Agreements

-Joint Software Development Agreements

-Software Licensing Agreements

-Non-Disclosure Agreements and many more others

Our Software Development Agreement packages include:

-A custom Software Development Agreement to cover anything you want from the scope of work to specifications, licenses, and deadlines

-Phone consultations with our experts

-Fair and fixed-fee pricing

-a personalised and proactive service

-Fast turnaround time

Due to the complexity of these agreements, the normal procedure is for us to assimilate as much information as possible with regard to the contracting parties and the specifications of their respective business models and the business relationship down to the finest detail; drawing a first draft which often goes back and forth between the parties and is referred to the other contracting parties for finalisation. This is a process which takes some time and requires a great deal of hard negotiation.

We focus on protecting your interest because we know, based on 30 years of experience, what can go wrong ensure as best as possible that we protect you from any possible risks going forward.

It is very interesting that often the contracts and agreements in relation to IT have to be drafted in such a way that they protect your brand. You have to make sure that your brand is enhanced and that the third parties that you are dealing with understand this and do not compromise your brand. You have to protect yourself from theft of intellectual property, interference from third-party technicians, unfair business practices, fifth of business. Due to the fact that the business relationship is often very one-sided in favour of one party should normally a corporation, it is important to have someone who is persuasive on your side to ensure that all your interests are protected and you do not compromise yourself legally or financially.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting time and money on a consultant who doesn't understand your tech business and connect with us today, will help you in protecting your business now and forever.

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