Who drafted your will?
Was it free or cheap?
Was it a bank clerk; an insurance salesman?
Did you know that most of these people don’t even understand what they are doing?

They just plug your details into a computer program supplied by the bank or insurance company and a will pops out. If the above is satisfactory to you then ok. If your circumstances are changing, or your finances are improving every year, it is necessary to reassess your estate planning often.

If the wording of your will is incorrect it can lead to horrendous problems with regard to your beneficiaries being unfairly treated. Unfortunately, with the incorrect advice testators tend to incorrectly describe their beneficiaries or heirs-spelling mistakes incorrect initials etc and/or include unfair and impractical and unclear conditions in Wills and making unclear exactly who is entitled to receive what.

Everyone is very friendly and loving at the funeral but shortly thereafter things can get very ugly.

If you had a simple will drawn when you are young and poor, chances are you have outgrown the will.

Also: Many clients now include a living will which states what they wish to happen in the event that they are clinically dead. They want the machine to be switched off, do they want their organs to be donated? Do you wish to be cremated or buried and are there any specific religious requirements

More than 25 years experience in drafting Wills and estate planning., then please mail the following details to us:
name, email, phone number fax number
We will phone you within 12 working hours and obtain the necessary information, give you advice; quote you for drawing a will.

It may also be necessary to form a trust or make other arrangements to maximise the benefits for your prospective heirs in the event of your death.

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